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Here's what Sony needs to include in future PS4 updates

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on 7 February 2014

With the PlayStation 4’s latest update (version 1.60) firmly nestled in consoles right across the globe, attention now shifts intently as to what Sony has up its collective sleeves for proceeding updates. And while this purported wait will no doubt be an arduous one, we’ve decided to make it that little more bearable by eliciting the help of the hawk-eyed folk over at our forums to help gauge opinion on what Sony needs to include from here on out.

Ever since the arrival of Sony’s sleek new black box of tricks way back in November, plaudits have been rightfully levelled at its revamped user interface; from an entirely superficial standpoint, PS4’s new tile-tiered system indeed makes for pretty viewing, with effortless scrolling and swift, intuitive browsing of everything the machine’s got to offer. But, as a sign of the times, any new piece of tech is malleable in one way or another – so there’s always amble room for tinkering, tailoring and add-ons. So with that in mind, here’s a Sony fix-it rundown of what needs to be done.

Applications wanted

Quite possibly one of the biggest oversights on the part of Sony’s post-launch plans has undoubtedly been the lack of available apps for PS4 users. Frankly the exclusion of an official YouTube app thus far is inexplicable, given the site’s prominence in game-based media. Perhaps Sony wishes to push the streaming agenda a little more aggressively, but with the lack of trailers within the PlayStation store, the need for a proper YouTube app is entirely warranted. Likewise, a Spotify and HBO Go wouldn’t go amiss by a long distance, and even some Google-based services would be warmly received by all those concerned. We await Sony’s word on incoming apps this year with bated breath.

Champion the Trophy

While PlayStation’s answer to the Microsoft mainstay of ‘Achievements’ has become an integral cornerstone in Sony’s newly embraced ethos, it isn’t, oddly enough, fully represented in its newest flagship system. For the past number of months, PS4 aficionados and gamers alike have decried the lack of options within Sony’s rewards-based scheme. The inability to sort Trophies into any other coherent order, or even to auto sync them offline has left a sour taste in everyone’s mouth, as has the lack of an official tracking model – showing how close you are to a particularly elusive Trophy. A budding Trophy room would be a timely addition, too, where players can show off a particular set of Trophies that they’re most proud of to the gaming masses. It’s time to get that drawing board, Sony, and make an already great scheme that little bit better.