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Racial Diversity Gaming Hour Episode 5: Amazon Xbox, Sexism in Deep Down, Racism

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on 19 February 2014

Welcome to another exciting episode of the Racial Diversity Gaming Hour. We've got a super packed, fun, and hilarious episode this week that almost tops the charts at 3 hours! What topics could get us to talk for that long? Well, for starters we have the rumors that Amazon might be buying the Xbox brand from Microsoft. From valid to crazy ideas, we delve deep into what could happen long-term if it were true. Did you hear another rumor that Deep Down will have zero female characters? Welcome to a feminism red alert as we delve into the controversial topic of sexism in video games, which of course leads into the racism debate as well. Controversy Ahoy!



The Racial Diversity Gaming Hour is a PSU production that takes on topics from any and all gaming platforms to bring some loving to our multi-platform fans needing another podcast fix. We're all gamers at heart so lets spread some gaming harmony and leave the fanboy rage at the door!