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PlayStation Unchained - Episode 36: PS4 sales hit 7 million, M. Bison Cosplay and Final Fantasy XIV

25 April 2014

Comfy? Cushty, then grab a cup of something yummy and calorific and join the PSU Unchained crew for episode 36 of our weekly podcast, where we bring you the latest news, reviews and banter from the world of  PlayStation.

This week, we’re joined by special guest Rob Zwetsloot, a former PSU writer and avid cosplayer, who takes time out of his busy schedule to join us for another round of gaming gossip. As ever, co-hosts Mike Harradence and Ben Shillabeer-Hall take the reins and are flanked by Glenn Gordon.

So, kick back and have a listen to episode 36 below, or download it directly to your computer here. As ever, please leave us some feedback below or on Twitter.

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