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PSU Exclusive: 2 Days 2 Vegas Mo-Cap Trailer

For those of you who have seen the 2 Days 2 Vegas tech demo, we'd like to take things one step further and show off some of the advancements in Steel Monkey's motion capture technology.

Currently Steel Monkey is working with the new generation GypsyGyro-18 MoCap equipment based on gyroscopic sensors. When Steel Monkey was asked what advantages GypsyGyro-18 MoCap has over classical magnet and optic MoCap they stated:

"1. In contrast to optic and magnet MoCap, GypsyGyro-18 doesn’t require an actor’s staying within the usable area limits. It means that shooting can be done both inside and outside the studio (behind the wall, on the other floor, outdoors, etc.). This allows shooting almost any animations – from intense running to driving a car. As to the technical requirements, the shooting area is limited to 100 meters for enclosed spaces and to 300 meters for open spaces.

2. Our equipment is jam-resisted to metal surfaces, which gives great advantage over magnet MoCap which is affected even by the floor fittings, thus impacting the final animation quality.

3. GypsyGyro’s advantage over optic MoCap is absence of the sensors’ overlaying problem. Thus, quality of the two actors’ interaction shooting is the same as shooting of just one actor."


Here is the first look at the Mo-cap used for 2 Days 2 Vegas: 


Stay tuned to PSU later today when we release the first gameplay footage of 2 Days 2 Vegas in motion.