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Wardevil is coming -- new screenshots and details

Once again, the folks over at the Digi-Guys have provided PSU with all new screenshots of their upcoming PS3 exclusive, Wardevil: Unleash the Beast Within.

All the new shots are straight from the 2008 Teaser Trailer, set to release sometime on April 30. Itching with anticipation, we can only hope that the gameplay matches the remarkable visual fidelity of the latest screenshots. The trailer is about 80 seconds long, and will provide a first look at the new visua art style. PSU.com should have the trailer up as soon as it's released, but readers can also keep an eye on Wardevil's Official Website here.

For those of you who are not up to speed on Wardevil; the game is a PS3 exclusive, developed by the Digi-Guys. This is their first title, however as you can see in the tech demos and screenshots, the technology behind Wardevil is amazing. The game is set to run at 60fps and in 1080p resolution along having other technical features like; Dynamic Motion Blur, Dynamic Depth of Field, Dynamic Particles/Simulation, and more.

Here are the latest screenshots:


Stay tuned to PSU.com for the unveiling of the new trailer.