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Madden NFL 2008 vs. 2009 Visual Comparison

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After seeing the game for the first time at EA Canada's press event last week, we could tell right away that Madden NFL 09 had improved visually over last year's edition. To help show this, decided we'd provide a side-by-side screenshot comparison of last year's Madden NFL 08 vs. the new Madden NFL 09.

To begin, notice that faces have been enhanced to fit NFL counterparts better, as well as jersey and arm muscles have been modified to look more realistic. Improved stadium and player self-shadow casting has been added, in addition to better field effects such as fuller precipitation, footprints in the snow, and better looking field grass.

Other improvements that would need to be seen in motion include more animations, now in 60fps for PS3, and better camera presentation. Take a look at the screenshots below and decide for yourself on how much Madden has changed. Click on the screenshots to view larger versions.