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Dragon Electronics PS3 Accessories Review

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Dragon Electronics is one of the leading designers and manufactures of gaming accessories.  Their goal is to provide very cheap accessories, quickly, while keeping a fair quality. They have been in the business for fourteen years, with the Dragon brand around for six years.

Here is a list of PlayStation 3 products you can find from Dragon and our review of each...

Triple Power Cooling System for PS3:

If you are finding that your PlayStation 3 is emitting excessive heat, and you are weary of your games freezing up due to overheating, then the Triple Power Cooling System is for you. Developed by Dragon Electronics, the Triple Power Cooling System is the newest in hardware accessories, built for keeping your PS3 cool while providing that much needed silence.

The Triple Power Cooling System is an easy to equip add-on that fits nicely onto the top of the PlayStation 3. There are no batteries required as it feeds through one of the PS3’s many USB ports. The accessory is light weight and utilizes 3 cooling fans at adjustable speeds to help keep your PlayStation from overheating and essentially give it a longer life span.

The last feature would be how silent this add-on is. There is no comparison to the Dragon Cooling fans and the Nyko Xbox 360 Cooling unit. The Triple Power Cooling System I believe is more silent than the PS3 itself.

Worth buying? Definitely! The Triple Power Cooling System is affordable at about $15 a pop and helps your PS3 avoid overheating without making much noise.

Multi-Functional Vertical Stand for PS3:

The Multi-Functional Vertical Stand for the PlayStation 3 may not be something everyone needs but it does impart a solid foundation to firmly hold the console in an upright position while providing back slots to hold up to 15 games.

Honestly, there isn't much to say about this piece of hardware other than the stand offers a built in 'hot air vent hole, storage for 15 games and has a $7 price tag.

Worth buying? Not really. It can protect the bottom of your PlayStation 3 and hold games but the product really isn’t necessary.

Dragon's High Quality HDMI Cable:

These new HDMI cables are perfect for getting the best and highest resolutions with the fastest signal on your PlayStation 3. The cable is about 10ft. in length and costs $13.

Here are some of the product details:
- High definition and durable cable
- High quality 24 golden electroplate plug
- High speed and efficient to transmit signal
- Supports dolby digital and DTS 5.1 sound system
- High resolution, deep, natural and vivid colors
- Supports 1080i/1080p, RGB or YCbCr color signal, with LCD, Plasma or HDTV systems

Worth buying? Yes! The HDMI cables provide great quality resolutions and the price is perfect. Normally the average 8ft. HDMI cable can run anywhere from $10 to $40. If you just bought an HDTV and are needing some cheap, yet high quality HDMI cables for movies and games, I strongly suggest you opt for a Dragon.