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Killzone 2 Evolution - E3 07 vs Dec 08

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Following a fresh onslaught of Killzone 2 updates this month, PSU has decided to mark the occasion by showing off some of the visual differences and upgrades Guerrilla Games has applied to the hotly anticipated FPS over the past 18 months.

The screenshot comparison we are providing is comparing the E3 2007 trailer to the December 08 preview code released to the media last week.

After taking a glance at the shots below, one of the most conspicuous features you should notice is the upgraded character models. In the Dec. 08 version, facial textures have been noticeably improved along with some characters featuring completely different gear and weapon load outs. In addition, Guerrilla Games has made a number of improvements including enhanced motion blur and lighting effects, with colors and shadows appearing much darker.

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It's also worth baring in mind that the December preview code is in fact an Alpha build of the game, which, according to recent reports, has already received some significant polishing over at Guerrilla HQ. With two months left to go until the game is released, we're expecting nothing short of perfection for the final product.