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Logitech ChillStream Controller Review

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Logitech has always had a long running reputation of creating top notch products and with the new ChillStream series that reputation can live on.

The Logitech ChillStream technology was built with hardcore gamers in mind; the type of gamers who play hours on end, gaming with such intensity they exude gallons of sweat and rub their thumbs raw. Now with the ChillStream controller, you can keep your hands cool with three different fan settings. No matter what you play, or how you game, ChillStream lets you play longer, play harder, play cooler.

Some features of the ChillStream PS3 controller include:

ChillStream Technology: Three speed settings allow you to adjust the ventilation force of the integrated fan.

Soft rubber grips: Enjoy superior comfort and better gaming control.

High-performance analog sticks and triggers: For enhanced speed and precision.

Design: The controller has had a design change from the traditional SIXAXIS look and feel. The design is heavier and more curved; similar to an Xbox 360 controller.

My thoughts on the Chillstream controller are that it does provide a comfortable design and the actual cooling system does offer a nice touch for when I find myself possessing sweaty hands after playing Resistance for a few hours. Also, the controller is heavier and curvier, so for people who enjoy the experience of the Xbox 360 controller will feel more at home.

The only hold backs:
- No Wireless: Requires USB connectivity to play
- No SIXAXIS support: No tilt function due to size restraints

Worth Buying? If you don’t mind having to connect it with USB and you don’t mind the absence of tilt functionality, then yes. The controller is about $10 cheaper than the traditional SIXAXIS and provides a unique feature not found in any other gaming controller. The ChillStream sells for $39.99 and can be bought online here or in your local retail store.