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New feature wanted: Disable Trophy notifications

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on 26 May 2009

Not having the option to disable Trophy notifications has never really been an issue for us, until now. We’re currently playing the latest iteration in SEGA’s Virtua Tennis series, Virtua Tennis 2009, and on a number of occasions the Trophy pop-up box has interrupted the game mid-match, causing us to lose points in the process.

While this isn’t a major issue, it’s still irritating to be serving for a match point only for a notification to pop up as your opponent is about to return the ball. We’ve lost match points by being distracted. Online, where leaderboard positioning and pride is at stake, it's even more of an issue. It's quite simply a problem that could be avoided if gamers had the option to disable them. You can disable PSN notifications, so why not Trophy pop-ups?

In Virtua Tennis 2009, we’ve counted nine Trophies that have the potential of messing up your game, including those relating to serving, such as "Hit a serve over 200kph/124.28mph," or "Achieve 250 max serves," and other Trophies likely to trigger on match-days such as "Win 400 stoke points," or "Win 50 lob points."

Normally, we like to see the Trophies we're unlocking, but in this case, where you can't afford to keep your eye off the ball for one second, they're totally intrusive.

How hard would it be add the feature via a patch? It seems that we’re not the only ones who’d like to be able to disable Trophy notifications; over at the official PlayStation forums there is much debate on the subject.

Anyone else ever been irritated by Trophy pop-ups?