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Game of the Month: November 2009

on 1 December 2009

November ’09 has proved yet another stellar month for PlayStation 3 owners, offering up a plethora of gaming greats spanning a diverse range of genres. Whether you’re the casual sort or the more discerning player, there’s been something for everyone.

As such, deciding on a recipient for our Game of the Month accolade has proven quite the task this time around, as quite frankly for the first time in months we’ve been utterly spoilt for choice. From the stealthy antics of Assassin’s Creed II to the sprawling RPG shenanigans of Dragon Age: Origins, November has churned out more than its fair share of worthy competitors, providing one of the healthiest periods in gaming this year.

Ultimately, however, we plumped – perhaps unexpectedly – for Infinity Ward’s stellar shooter, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. We heaped praise on it in our review, but for good reason; packed full of explosive set pieces, sumptuous visuals, a meaty multiplayer component and a gripping (if oh-too-short) campaign mode, Modern Warfare 2 raises the benchmark for first-person shooters and remains, unequivocally, one of the greatest games we've played in years, let alone this month.

Take a gander at what some of our users had to say on the title below:

Great Game! Theres no doubt about it!
Unbelieveable Campiagn, Multiplayer is fun and spec ops finishes off the experience
Definetly Deserves its rating!!
” – Sharms17

I just beat MW2 yesterday and started over on veteran, man talk about a good game !!!” – Acid-Hippie2007

I loved this game, honestly it may be my GoTY!” – Rapture

An awesome game, there is occasional lag, but it's because of terrible hosts. The single player is better than I expected, and the multiplayer is extremely fun and addictive (better than CoD4 for sure because I didn't play it much online).” – bigCman123

Don’t agree with us slapping our Game of the Month accolade on Modern Warfare 2? Then be sure to let us know what you think deserves the award in the comments section below.