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PSU's PlayStation Move coverage starts here

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on 10 September 2010

Sony’s bid into the motion controller market is nearly upon us. PSU is lucky enough to get an early set of Move motion controls and several games to try. Our goal is to give you tons of Move coverage over the next week so you know what to look for when the controller officially launches next week.

This is merely our brief introduction, but we plan to use this space to post links to all of our Move coverage. Look for reviews of Sports Champions, Start the Party!, Kung Fu Rider, EyePet and Racquet Sports (from Ubisoft).

In addition to the software reviews, we’ll give you our complete objective take on Move, and provide you with recommendations and features delving further into motion controls.

At this time we don’t have luxury video editing suites, but we do have a digital cam and a willing camerawoman. That means we will provide you with video demonstrations when possible, and other video features for you all (most likely) to laugh at.

Look for more coverage tonight and over the next several days. Understand that it is not our job to convince readers to purchase Move or any related titles; rather, we aim to give you frank observations and opinions. We know our community already has plenty of opinions on Move, and hopefully our coverage will offer you an early look at what you can expect with Sony’s motion controller.

Check back at this space for upcoming reviews, features, videos, and opinions.


Friday, Sept. 10: Check out our unboxing video here. Look for more video demos soon.

Saturday, Sept. 11: Hear why we think Sports Champions will be the perfect game to introduce everyone to the PlayStation Move.

Monday, Sept. 13: Check out our hands-on video with Sony's Move. We give you some basics in this video, including setup and controller layout.

Monday, Sept. 13: In this video, we go hands-on with Sports Champions. We are working to make better videos, so keep in mind these are all just a starting point.

Tuesday, Sept. 14: Check out our review of Sony’s new PlayStation Move here.

Tuesday, Sept. 15: Check out our review of Racquet Sports from Ubisoft here.

Tuesday, Sept. 15: Check out our review of Sports Champions here. This is certainly the best game we reviewed for Move, so far.

Wednesday, Sept. 16: Check out our review of Kung Fu Riders here.