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PSU Video: Move in action with tutorial

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on 13 September 2010

When it comes to major changes in your favorite console, seeing is believing. With that in mind, here is a video showing more details of Sony’s PlayStation Move. If for some reason you are brand new to Move, I’ll give you a brief explanation in the video below.

Move launches later this week and Sony is taking it very seriously. In fact, many believe Sony views Move almost as a new console, and we will see even more promotion for the motion controller starting now and likely leading into the holiday shopping season. You’ll find more than 30 titles that support Move available for the holiday season, and many of those games will be available at launch.

In case you missed our post earlier today regarding some major changes forthcoming to PSU, make sure you read it so you know what is happening behind the scenes. One of the things that should be quite obvious is that the staff members here at PSU are huge game fans, and big fans of online communities.

We know that one of the biggest suggestions we get is for video content, and we are trying our best to provide you with interesting videos for your viewing pleasure. Please remember that this is a starting point, and I’m taking it upon myself to grow this aspect of our site. I certainly welcome your feedback about these videos and I will try very hard to increase the quality in the coming months. If you plan on getting a Move, record yourself playing it, upload it to YouTube, and share it with your PSU community.