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Enemy Territory: Quake Wars


Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is a follow-up to Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory set in the same science fiction universe as Quake II and Quake 4, but the story serves as a prequel to Quake II. Unlike the previous Enemy Territory game, Quake Wars will be a commercial release rather than a free download. It will not include a single player mode. Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is being developed by Splash Damage for the PC using a modified version of id Software's Doom 3 engine and MegaTexture rendering technology. . It was announced on February 13th 2007 that Enemy Territory: Quake Wars will also be released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The game is expected to launch in 2007.

Game Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Players 1
Genre Shooter - First Person Online Players 2-16
Publisher Activision Developer Underground Studios
Release Date 27 May 2008 Rating T [Teen]
Release Date UK 30 May 2008 PSU Rating Not reviewed
  • PS3
Additional Information
Also available on Xbox 360 and PC

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