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Shift Extended


Locked up with other subjects of a scientific experiment, Subject 32763 must figure out a way out. Escape the many traps of the game and find your way through this gigantic maze. But the path to safety is not clearly visible ... or is it? Use the "SHIFT" function to radically the architecture of the levels. White becomes black, the ground is now air, up is down and left is right: everything is shifted 180 degrees. This allows the player to shift the environment at will and therefore find new ways to get to the exit.

Game Shift Extended Players 1
Genre Misc - Puzzle Online Players
Publisher Zallag Developer Armor Games
Release Date 18 January 2011 Rating E [Everyone]
Release Date UK 18 January 2011 PSU Rating 7.5 Read Review
  • PSN
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Available on the PlayStation Network.

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