PlayStation Universe

Voltron: Defenders of the Universe


Voltron is returning to defend the universe in this video game based on the revival of the classic 1980s anime series. Voltron: Defender of the Universe combines classic Voltron animation and style with high definition graphics and audio that deliver high-impact, real-time single and multi-player gameplay with up to five players. Relive the most defining moments from the classic series, including the discovery of the Lions and the very first time the Space Explorers form Voltron. Battle King Zarkon’s evil forces and journey across the universe, exploring a variety of environments -- including planet Arus. It is up to you to restore justice and galactic peace. Get ready to activate interlock! Dynotherms connected! Infracells up! Mega thrusters are go! Let’s go, Votron Force!

Game Voltron: Defenders of the Universe Players 1-5
Genre Action Online Players 1-2
Publisher THQ Developer Behaviour Interactive
Release Date 29 November 2011 Rating RP [Rating Pending]
Release Date UK 29 November 2011 PSU Rating Not reviewed
  • PS3
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Also on Xbox 360