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Deadpool is an action beat 'em up video game, with new combos becoming available to Deadpool as he progresses. The game frequently breaks the fourth wall, and Deadpool verbally interacts with the player based on their skill and progress. By default, Deadpool is armed with both guns and swords, but he also has access to giant hammers, plasma guns, and a range of other alternatives. A short range of teleportation moves are possible as well. As he slowly falls apart while sustaining damage, players must avoid further damage in order to recover.

Game Deadpool Players
Genre Action Online Players
Publisher Activision Developer High Moon Studios
Release Date 17 November 2015 Rating M [Mature]
Release Date UK 20 November 2015 PSU Rating Not reviewed
  • PS3
  • PS4
Additional Information
Deadpool, along with most other games published by Activision that had used the Marvel license, were de-listed and removed from all digital storefronts on January 1, 2014. As of July 15, 2015 the game was made available to purchase again on Steam. The game will be re-released on on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One November 17, 2015.

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