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Classic Atari games head to PSP

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Atari, one of the gaming industries building blocks, announced their classics line for the PlayStation Portable this morning. Titled Atari Classics Evolved and developed by Stainless Games Ltd., the package looks to be popular amongst video game enthusiasts and is currently scheduled for a Fall 2007 release.

While this may be geared to an older demographic, gamers of all ages should have fun playing the following titles:

Asteroids Deluxe
Lunar Lander
Missile Command
Super Breakout

The aforementioned titles will provided original game play, updated versions and of course updated graphic rendering. Matt Rush, producer for Atari added:

"We are looking forward to providing gamers with the experience of the iconic Atari catalog on a handheld platform...Offering these Atari classics in both their elemental and contemporary forms should excite both old-school and next-generation gamers alike."

With another 60 or so Atari 2600 titles on their way and online leader boards for the above coin-in originals, this pack is sure to be a hit.

Stay tuned to PSU for further information and news on the next 60 titles.