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Sierra announces Wet for PlayStation 3

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on 22 August 2007

Sierra Entertainment announced development of a brand new IP named Wet during its conference at the Leipzig Games Convention earlier today.

Currently in development for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the game takes the form of a stylised shooter, pitting gamers in the shoes of a character named Ruby; a freelance, battle-hardened swords master and gunslinger.

According to the developers, Ruby is able to wield two pistols at any one time, firing either simultaneously or independently, as well as the ability to employ the use of her skills with a sword for various proximity encounters with foes. Players will also be able to execute a number of special manoeuvres to outwit their opponents, such as running up walls and unleashing a hail of gunfire down on your enemies in slow motion playback.

Still early in development, Wet is currently slated for release during the latter half of 2008; stay tuned for further coverage here at PSU as it breaks.