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Strong cross-platform mod support for UT3 promised

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Mark Rein, Vice Preisdent of Epic, described more about Unreal Tournament III and promised strong mod support for the PS3.

He stated that when the game is released on November, modders will be able to create maps and new content for the PC game, but in turn can then share them with console players via the PlayStation Network. This flexibility allows not only the immersion of new skins and reworked levels, but also the ability to include new models, scripting and virtually anything the modder wants to include, given that he can utilize the power of the Unreal Engine.

What does this mean? Well, the possibilities are quite endless. In addition to this previously stated mod support, it seems Rein still supports their idea of implementing not only mod support, but also a unique way to rank specific maps and drive user generated content.

PSU will fill everyone in with more details when the time comes.

Source: IGN