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Super Rub a Dub beats Calling All Cars in Europe

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on 22 August 2007

At Sony's Leipzig press conference, David Reeves from SCEE released a number of figures regarding current PSN sales, one of which was quite surprising.

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection came in at an impressive 103k; while the second best-selling title on the network, flOw, yielded a total of 47k. But the disappointing Super Rub a Dub ousted the fantastic Calling All Cars for the #3 spot with totals of 34k and 31k sold respectively.

David Karraker clarified that the sales figures only apply to Europe, which goes some way to explain the difference as Calling All Cars was released far after Super Rub a Dub there and Jaffe's creation is more expensive. Regardless, it does suggest some cultural variations between Europe and North America, which could lead to greater focus on particular genres in the two regions.