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Four new bosses revealed for MGS4

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Today at the Games Convention in Leipzig, a new Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer was shown, and, for the first time, we get a good look at a few of the game's bosses.

As with previous trailers, it begins with a Kojima studios credit, fading into the same scenery seen before. Snake is there, accompanied by a few Foxhound soldiers, on their way in search of Liquid. The trailer then takes a turn into new territory: bosses. Four were shown throughout the duration of the video, each hinting at their abilities.

The first boss shown was named Crying Wolf, a brute of a boss who took heavy fire and had enough strength to flip over a bulldozer. Immediately after, a flying boss dubbed Raging Raven enters, shows some moves, and exits promptly. Moments later, Laughing Octopus makes an appearance. He lives up to his name, with four tentacles, and is definitely looking to be one pesky opponent. The last boss shown is Screaming Mantis, a creepy looking boss with two floating allies with her.

An MGS4 press conference is being held at Leipzig tomorrow when even more juicy information should be revealed. Check back for the latest.