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Dungeon Siege 3 crawls its way to consoles May 31

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on 3 February 2011

Dungeon Siege fans should mark their calendars for May 31. That’s the date Square Enix today revealed that Dungeon Siege 3 will hit retailers in North America. This dungeon crawler, developed by the fine folks at Obsidian, will pack its fair share of goodies if you pre-order from participating retailers. Who would have thought—preorder a game and get free stuff.

GameStop pre-orders will land you the Burning Band of Scorch, which increases player attack powers and sets enemies on fire, and the Talisman of the Grand Mage, which reduces inflicted damage. Amazon pre-orders will net you the Bite of the Arakun, which poisons your enemies. Best Buy pre-orders include the Sacred Heart of the Legion, which increases your health—vital to any dungeon crawler. And, finally, if you choose to pre-order from America’s mega-monopoly retailer, Walmart, you’ll receive a physical mini-comic and a mini strategy guide.