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LBP2 users have made 3.6 million levels

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on 5 February 2011

Sony’s revealed that LittleBigPlanet 2 owners have cobbled together a whopping 3.6 million levels since the Sack-tastic sequel’s launch last month.

Writing in a post on the US PlayStation Blog, SCEA marketing boss Mark Valledor commented, “A big THANK YOU for helping us reach 3.6 million levels online! It's astonishing to see so many levels made for fun, and even levels created for contests."

Elsewhere, he also announced that a Valentine’s Day Pack will be up for grabs on the PS Store next week. Better snap it up sharpish, though, as it'll be a limited time release only.

Lastly, Valledor peered down the telescope at future release plans, confirming the next major update will be that of PlayStation Move support. In addition to chucking in wand-waggling controls, the update will also add a heap of Story Mode levels for your consumption.

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