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Konami releases new Metal Gear Online update

9 February 2011

Konami’s unboxed a fresh update for Metal Gear Online targeting the pesky fraudulent network connections, which frequently cause slowdown during gameplay sessions.

In addition, the update applies a few tweaks to the game’s Drebin Points system, while weapon and skill parameters have also received some poking and prodding along with unique character skills.

Elsewhere, the company confirmed that players should be on the lookout for future background music updates, among which includes classic Metal Gear Solid tracks to accompany your stealth-based shenanigans.

Furthermore, the game’s three expansion packs – namely, Gene, Meme and Scene – are now also up for grabs via the in-game shop as well as Konami’s store.

Metal Gear Online accompanied the release of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots back in June 2008. Check out our review here.

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