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Dual inFamous 2 trailers highlight moral polarity

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on 11 February 2011

Like the original inFamous, Sucker Punch's inFamous 2 will feature a Karma system, with good and bad actions influencing Cole's character development in certain ways. Such actions won't be as plain-faced and "mechanical" as they were in the first game, promises Sucker Punch producer Brian Fleming on the PlayStation Blog.

Rather than presenting players with simple moral choices, Sucker Punch chose to integrate Karma into Cole's relationships. The following trailers represent two different approaches to one mission: "Kuo’s surgical strike or Nix’s no-holds barred assault."

"You aren’t just choosing a mission, you’re choosing an ally and alienating another person," says Fleming. "This was both clear for players, and more real."

Check out the dual inFamous 2 Karma trailers below.

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