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Capcom: What did you think of Dead Rising 2?

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on 22 February 2011

Capcom’s eager to know what gamers thought of zombie slaying sequel Dead Rising 2, and as such has cobbled together an online survey in an attempt to pick your brains - figuratively speaking, of course.

The survey states, "After the successful launch of Dead Rising 2, I wanted to go back and analyse what went right and what may have gone wrong with the game using feedback from community," adding, "If you have played the game at all, please take the time to answer a few questions below! Your feedback is valuable!"

Questions include ‘Did you complete the game?’ ‘What is your favourite part about Dead Rising 2’ and ‘If you could change one thing about Dead Rising 2, what would it be?’

Developed by Blue Castle, which was later snapped up by Capcom and renamed Capcom Game Studio Vancouver, Dead Rising 2 released last October and has since gone on to shift an impressive 2.2 million copies worldwide. See what we thought of it in our review here.