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Fans need to "trust and let go," says Uncharted movie director

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on 22 February 2011

Uncharted movie director David O. Russell’s stepped up to the plate to defend his decision to base the adventure flick around a soprano-style family of treasure hunters, insisting that while he’s “respectful” of the source material his ultimate job is to make something which he feels will be an “amazing movie.”

Russell’s decision to deviate from the Uncharted game universe has caused considerable backlash among fans of the Naughty Dog-developed franchise, though the director reckons folk need “to let go.”

“I’m not going to present myself as hardcore,” he said, speaking during a chinwag with SlashFilm. “But I played the game a bunch of times and I also read as much as I could about the game and I met the game’s creator, Amy Hennig, who’s really cool.”

“To grow a game into a movie is an interesting proposition because a game is a very different experience than a movie,” explained Russell.

“You guys are playing the game, and it’s about playing the game. It’s not about a narrative embracing you emotionally. You know what I’m saying? So, I want to create a world that is worthy of a really great film”.

“As far as I’m concerned, I’m very respectful as far as the core content and sprit of the game, but beyond that it’s my job as a filmmaker to make what I think is going to be an amazing movie,” he continued.

“People have to trust that and let that go, I think.”

Finally, Russell noted that game-movie adaptations have generally proved an inherently naff affair thus far, commenting,  “There’s not a bunch of movies you can point to that are made from games that are amazing movies, that stand up to time as a franchise or as [individual films].”