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Beyond Good & Evil 2 fans should have faith, says BG&E HD producer

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on 25 February 2011

Beyond Good & Evil HD producer Wang Xu has given a slight update on the production of Beyond Good & Evil 2, encouraging gamers buy the PSN/XBLA HD re-release of the original title if fans want to see more Beyond Good & Evil titles.

"Keep the faith [in Beyond Good & Evil 2]," wrote Wang Xu, in a recent email discussion with Eurogamer.

Development on Beyond Good & Evil 2 continues — at a turtle's pace, it seems. Asked if Beyond Good & Evil HD sales would impact the sequel's development, Wang Xu stated, "Yes it is true; please buy Beyond Good & Evil HD if you want more BG&E games."

Beyond Good and Evil HD is set to release March 2 on XBLA, with a PSN release to follow later in the year. It's stacked with all new 1080p visuals, updated character models, soundtrack, trophies, and online leaderboards.

Here is leaked conceptual footage of the upcoming sequel.