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Epic Games says Sony's NGP "raises the bar" for handhelds

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on 25 February 2011

Creators of one of the six game engines announced to support the Sony NGP, Epic Games Founder Tim Sweeney and Epic Vice President Mark Rein believe that due to the handheld's hardware performance, the Unreal Engine 3 is a perfect fit for platform as a development tool.

"We see NGP as a true game-changer with a perfect combination of performance, innovative controls and gamer appeal that make it truly a high-end console in your pocket,” Sweeney said.

“NGP raises the bar for the performance of handheld platforms with its multi-core GPU and shader-based, multi-core CPU,” Rein added. “This makes Unreal Engine 3 a particularly advantageous fit for NGP. Furthermore, multiple UE3 licensees are already working with NGP, some of which have indicated they intend to release their games for the platform’s launch.”

President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida has made it clear that the NGP architecture will allow for "simple and quick" porting between NGP and PS3 titles. Having support from popular game engines like Unreal Engine 3 and Cry Engine can only help further facilitate NGP development.