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Lumines dev on NGP: 'We're always looking at new technology'

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on 1 March 2011

Q Entertainment’s revealed that the studio always has new technology on the brain, including Sony’s upcoming PSP successor, codenamed Next-Generation Portable (NGP).

That’s according to producer James Mielke, who told CVG recently that while the firm doesn’t have anything to announce right now regarding the new platform, it’s “always thinking about new technology."

"As a new technology and as with any new technology of course we're always thinking about it," said Mielke, when quizzed on the chances of Q Entertainment cobbling together an NGP version of Lumines.

"We don't have anything to announce right now but we're always looking into whatever's new and what we can do with it."

For those of you who aren’t down-with-the-devs so to speak, Q Entertainment was responsible for cobbling together classic PSP outing Lumines, and is currently working on Child of Eden for PS3 and Xbox 360.