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Elpida Memory tapped to make PS3 chips

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on 10 February 2005

Japanese DRAM producer Elpida are set to supply chips for the PlayStation 3 and maybe even Nintendo's next-gen console. Elpida president Yukio Sakamoto told Reuters that Sony plans to use 512MB XDR DRAM, with Rambus' interface technology, in the PS3. He added that both Toshiba and Samsung will also produce DRAM chips for the console. Sakamoto revealed that Elpida is negotiating with Nintendo to produce DRAM chips for its next-generation console, code-named Revolution. One of the largest chipmakers in the world, Elpida is building a new factory in Hiroshima that will produce 300mm wafers. The new operation is crucial for the company, because it's currently operating at 100 percent capacity. The plant will open in the second half of 2005, and Elpida may establish another Hiroshima factory in the next few years.