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GTA IV worldwide sales now at 20 million

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on 10 March 2011

Grand Theft Auto IV has notched up global sales of 20 million since its release in April 2008, publishing behemoth Take Two announced.

The company dropped the figures during a presentation at the Wedbush Morgan Technology, Media and Telecommunications Conference yesterday. The milestone brings life-to-date sales of the gun-toting, car-jacking franchise to a whopping 100 million worldwide.

Elsewhere, Take Two also offered up sales figures for other key franchises, including Midnight Club and Max Payne, which have sold 18 million and seven million copies to date, respectively.

Meanwhile, 2K’s BioShock franchise has moved eight million copies around the world since its inception in 2007, with the Gearbox-developed Borderlands shifting four million units. Lastly, the Mafia series has sold five million units globally, while Civilization’s moved over 10 million.

Looking to the future, BioShock’s getting a fresh entry in the form of 2012’s BioShock Infinite, while Max Payne 3’s currently in the works at Rockstar Vancouver. A rumored follow-up to GTA IV, dubbed Rush, is also apparently in the works.