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PVR planned and ready for early 2008

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The new HD PVR accessory for the PS3, announced at Leipzig, looks ready to arrive to retailers in the beginning of 2008.

SCEE head David Reeves described the difficulties of bringing the PVR system to PS3. "The PVR - it looks simple, but within it there's a lot of licences that you have to obtain. Sometimes you're just not sure if you're going to get that licence ... you know what Europe is like - we have to get safety compliance on a thing like a black box from, I don't know, fifteen or sixteen independent bodies."

Started off as a mere idea, PVR grew into something big. Regardless, there were licensing bumps along the way that made PVR almost seem not possible on the PS3. Luckily for Europe, Sony stood strong and paid off the independent bodies for the good of the consumer's entertainment investment. With that, PVR is ready to hit the streets January or February of 2008.