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THQ's Danny Bilson didn't feel the Heavy Rain love

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on 11 March 2011

Last year’s PlayStation 3-exclusive Heavy Rain resonated with millions of gamers worldwide thanks to its compelling, nail-biting narrative and lush visuals, though one person who hasn’t been so quick to heap praise on the Quantic Dream thriller is THQ’s Danny Bilson.

Specifically, the outspoken core games boss admitted he “stopped playing” the game, with some of Heavy Rain’s introductory tasks  – such as hero Ethan Mars brushing his teeth and rustling up some breakfast – not exactly resonating with the self-described ‘avid-gamer.’

“I stopped playing,” Bilson told EDGE (via TSA).  “I couldn’t get past ‘brush your teeth, make breakfast’.”

“I just thought, I’m not digging this, I don’t want to brush my teeth in a game.”

“I probably should play it, I probably have some sort of responsibility to play it.  But I’m still a gamer and if I’m not getting it, I’m not going to drive hard through it.”

Having established Heavy Rain isn't his cup of tea, Bilson offered some insight as to what games he did enjoy. The THQ bigwig labelled Mass Effect 1 & 2 as having “the best story-delivery system,” and said Red Dead Redemption is “my favourite game of the year.”