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Team Ninja boss: Bayonetta is dated

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on 14 March 2011

Platinum Games’ bum-flashing, gun-toting witch romp Bayonetta is already showing its age in the game design department, according to Team Ninja’s Yosuke Hayashi.

Speaking during a chinwag with Play Magazine (via TSA), Hayashi said that although the sultry actioner packed in some solid ideas, wrinkles are already starting to show their face – and the same goes for Ninja Gaiden II, apparently.

“I think Ninja Gaiden II is already outdated. That’s why we are making Ninja Gaiden III from scratch. Bayonetta has some good stuff but Bayonetta is old, game design wise, already," he commented.

Hayashi-san went on to state how the studio isn’t particularly fussed with the difficulty setting this time around, and is instead more focused on cementing its latest Ninja Gaiden title as the premier “3D action game.”

“Difficulty level is not the main element we are focusing on,” he explained. “The focus we have is that a new Ryu Hayabusa is the main character for Ninja Gaiden III. Also, we are aiming to be the number one 3D action game. If we can do that we are fine not focusing on difficulty level."

"We don’t care. But to prevent misunderstanding, Ninja Gaiden fans will still really love it. That is our responsibility. We make sure the fans of the series are satisfied by our game.”