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2K Games: Our games will be 60 frames per second

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Apparently, the biggest outcry with sports games are apparently that they are a hideous 30 frames per second. 2K Games takes consideration to this issue, and promises that their upcoming sports games will run at 60 frames per second on the PS3. "Our PS3 version does run at 60 frames per second," said 2K Sports PR Manager Anthony Chau states.

With the help of Sony's tools, and their support, 2K games will always be delivering games at 60 fps. "It's pretty tough on PS3 but I think it's because most developers have had the Xbox 360 longer in terms of development than the PS3," says Chau. Luckily, with this Sony and 2K games relationship, developers at EA will definitely try harder and can no longer use an excuse to explain for the lack of quality in their games.

Source: CVG