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David Cage reckons PS3 is 'the best platform out there'

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on 23 March 2011

Quantic Dream big cheese David Cage has indicated the celebrated developer isn’t about to jump off the Sony ship anytime soon, labelling the hardware behemoth’s PlayStation 3 console as the “best platform out there.”

Speaking during a chinwag with CVG, Cage reflected on Quantic’s “fantastic” relationship with Sony during the development of the acclaimed thriller Heavy Rain, and extolled the electronics giant’s internal studios portfolio as the ‘best in the world.’

"The relationship on Heavy Rain has been fantastic," enthused Cage. "They trusted us from day one, supported us all the way through. It was really a very risky project [for them] and they never let us down.”

"Being a part of a company with the best studios in the world is something really pleasant for us. We're happy to continue this relationship and create content for the PlayStation brand. But they fund our projects, so we're staying exclusive to PlayStation.”

"I am very loyal in general - or I try to be. I know that trusting me is always a big risk and when people do, I feel like I owe them something. It's not just because I want to thank them, though. We have a relationship that works, we're excited by the platform - we think it's the best platform out there. We're glad to continue to work this way."

Elsewhere, Cage dodged the question as to whether Quantic shared tech with Sony’s internal studios, though did confirm that the studio frequently converses with the chaps at Naughty Dog and Guerrilla Games among others.

"We talk to Naughty Dog, Santa Monica, Guerrilla, Media Molecule - all these great studios," he revealed. "We talk about technology, best practise, how we do things - we share experience and expertise. I think that's of real value for everybody."

Cage recently expressed his desire to work on a war-themed game once work on Quantic’s current projects has wrapped.