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Zipper: SOCOM 4's multiplayer will keep you coming back

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on 24 March 2011

With the launch of the SOCOM 4 multiplayer beta, Zipper is touting the enormous variety in online co-op and competitive action. During a press conference call today, Travis Steiner, Lead Designer on SOCOM 4, outlined just what we’ll all be playing over the next several months.

“You’ll get something unique each time you play,” he said. The custom campaign creation tool offers enormous depth, allowing players to customize a series of co-op scenarios and string them together into a single medley for more extended play. You’ll experience this string of scenarios with a total of five players.

Fans often think of the SOCOM series as a team-based sport, Steiner said. Communication is key, and a streamlined approach to issuing orders makes sure newcomers aren’t forced to sit the bench. If a player in a group sneaks ahead and sees an enemy, he can use the Dpad to highlight the target for the sniper in the group.

Competitive multiplayer features four modes. Suppressions requires teams to work together to eliminate the opposing team. Bomb Squad puts one player into a full bomb technician suit, providing extra defense and heavier weapons. This is an escort-style mission. Last Defense features three key points for opposing teams to battle one another, while Uplink tasks team members with obtaining enemy intelligence.

The co-op side features an espionage and takedown-style missions. Everything inside these missions is randomized Steiner said. Players can string together these scenarios (with six maps), select the density of enemies, and select the difficulty. The missions center around the dynamic A.I. behavior. “We want plenty of opportunities for you and your teammates to sneak up and plan tactics,” Steiner said.