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Blu-ray Warhawk requires 800 MB of HDD space

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on 26 August 2007

Warhawk is approaching quite fast, due to release at 12:01 EST on PSN this coming Tuesday. Gamers will also have the option of picking up a hard copy, or rather a Blu-ray version of the title from their local retail outlet.

Besides the fantastic extras including several behind the scenes features and a complementary bluetooth headset, several planned on picking up the Blu-ray alternative to save some precious HDD space.

Unfortunately, we've got bad news for those folks. It has recently been confirmed by a member of our forums who managed to get his hands on a copy of Warhawk early, Jags71, that Warhawk requires approximately 800 MB of space regardless of the version.

He says the Blu-ray "will place a 789 MB cache file onto your hard drive similar to the file Resistance places on your drive to reduce loading times. You CANNOT boot your copy from this cache file. You will need to place the disc into the PS3 to play the game."

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