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Mass Effect 3 info landslide (contains spoilers!)

on 8 April 2011

The first concrete details on BioWare’s upcoming sci-fi sequel Mass Effect 3 have popped up online via Game Informer, courtesy of the chaps at NeoGAF.

According to the publication, the hotly anticipated RPG kicks off on earth, with hero Shepard on trial following the events of Mass Effect 2’s latest and last chunk of DLC, Arrival. The brown stuff soon hits the fan, though; Reapers begin their invasion as the hearing gets underway.

Apparently, the Cerberus organisation from ME2 is out to kill Shepard, with the Illusive Man poised to feature heavily in the events of the third game.

Shepard will be accompanied by returning squaddies such as Garrus and Liara, with Kaiden and Ashley also showing up depending on your choices made in the inaugural Mass Effect. Meanwhile, Wrex, Mordin, Legion and Anderson will appear as non-party characters.

Newcomers will be able to digest a ‘Previously on Mass Effect’ comic that allows them to make decisions a la Mass Effect 2 PS3’s interactive comic. Mass Effect 3 will boast multiple endings, influenced by who you sign-up for your team.

Elsewhere, RPG components will be kicked up a notch, though won’t quite revert back to Mass Effect 1’s template. Players will be given more freedom in regards to character skills though, as skill trees will be larger and powers can evolve multiple times over.

Weapons are based on ME2, though you’ll also have access to various mods that allow you to swap out various gun parts, including barrels and scopes. Classes meanwhile go unhindered in terms of weapons, though you’ll be limited in terms of how much you can carry.

No multiplayer will be included in the game, but according to the article summary, the developers informed GI that it may consider adding the feature for future titles or spin-offs.

Mass Effect 3 is pencilled in for release later this year on PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360.