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Heavenly Sword not possible without Blu-ray

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on 29 August 2007

Ninja Theory’s self-titled Chief Development ‘Ninja’, Nina Kristensen has admitted that the company’s forthcoming PlayStation 3 epic Heavenly Sword would not be possible without the added storage capabilities of Sony’s Blu-ray technology.

Speaking to CVG this week, Kristensen revealed that the firm had employed various compression methods in order to squeeze the game onto a 25GB Blu-ray disk, including the audio, which alone took up approximately 10GB worth of data. A single DVD, however, only holds 8.5GB worth of information.

"We have jam-packed the Blu-Ray disc absolutely full," she said. "We used compression all over the place. We had to be really judicious at the end with what was going on the disc and what wasn't.”

"I think it's one of those things - if you give us the space we're going to fill it with stuff. It means the audio can be of a higher quality and stuff like that. It all adds to the quality of the package”, added Kristensen.

Heavenly Sword casts players in the role of a gusty heroine named Nariko, who embarks on an epic quest of revenge against the invasion of a nefarious king and his army. The title of the game takes its name from an ancient weapon named the Heavenly Sword, which drains the life force of any mortal man or woman who bares it. Nariko is a member of the ancient clan who guards the sword from all adversity; however, after all are slaughtered by the invading King, she is forced to bare the weapon in a last attempt to quell the evil forces before the power of the blade ultimately claims her life.

Expect a full review of the game here at PSU as soon as we get our mitts on it.

Source: C&VG