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Dead Rising 2: Off The Record announced

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on 12 April 2011

Dead Rising photojournalist and renowned zombie-slayer Frank West will be gracing PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC in the all-new Dead Rising 2: Off The Record this autumn, Capcom’s announced.

The game, billed as an alternate take on the Fortune City outbreak, has players hopping into West’s shoes as he tackles new missions and gets to grips with an assortment of fresh weapons and battles all-new foes.

Players can also explore new environments, drive new vehicles and rake in Prestige Points (PP) using West's trusty camera. “Forget what took place in Dead Rising 2, this is Frank’s story told as only he can,” the publisher said.

In addition, Off The Record will also feature a number of “enhancements” to areas such as the save system and co-op play, delivering what Capcom’s labelling as a “more satisfying gameplay experience.”

Stay tuned for more coverage on Dead Rising 2: Off The Record here at PSU in the coming weeks.