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BioWare: Mass Effect 3 will have lots of 'magic' and 'epic moments'

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on 21 April 2011

BioWare’s Casey Hudson has teased that upcoming sci-fi sequel Mass Effect 3 will pack in heaps of magic and epic moments.

Chatting with the folks at PSM3 (via CVG), Hudson said that the team have a clear idea of how they want to wrap up the trilogy, promising the end result will be "spectacular."

"There are certain things you want to do when making a game that are part of the 'magic' of the experience. Those things aren't necessarily the big things - they're often little moments," explained Hudson.

"There's a lot of this in Mass Effect 3. The whole game is filled with really epic moments, but I think the story will really start to hit home when players start realising things about Shepard's personal life, through sacrifice on a galactic scale."

"We know how we want it to end and we've already established what makes the series special," he added.

Mass Effect 3 will be invading stores for PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360 this winter.