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New LocoRoco PS3 details revealed

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on 31 August 2007

Sony Computer Entertainment has revealed that the forthcoming PlayStation 3 title LocoRoco Cocoreccho will in fact be an interactive screensaver, which will be available to download from the PlayStation Store.

The game has been confirmed to make use of the Sixaxis pad, allowing players to manipulate various on screen objects such as platforms and other useful tools. With over 200 LocoRoco’s available at once, the object of the title is to collect as many creatures as possible before guiding them back to the goal.

Players must also take part in a selection of mini-games throughout each level, allowing you to increase the number of LocoRoco’s in your party; however, enemies lurk throughout each stage looking to devourer the little critters, so caution must be taken to ensure they all get home safely.

Online functionality has also been confirmed in the form of a scoreboard and time attack.

LocoRoco Cococreccho is currently slated for release in Japan on September 21, with a North American and European release yet to be determined.