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Blu-ray continues to dominate HD DVD sales

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Home Media Research has evaluated recent Blu-ray sales, indicating that they continue to dominate HD DVD sales. Half of the top 10 selling movies are exclusive to Blu-ray, and all 10 are available on Blu-ray.

Warner Brother's '300' comes out on top with the most sales, followed by 'The Departed' and Casino Royale (a title which was given away with the European PS3 launch).

All of the major companies who support Blu-ray have at least 1 of their titles in the top 20 films. Universal, an HD DVD supporter did not sell enough copies to land on the list. Paramount's Babel' made it to the list, but only because it was on Blu-ray. Apparently, had they taken their decision beforehand to go HD DVD only, they would not show up on the top 20 list either.