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No official TV cable for slim PSP at UK launch

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The new slim PlayStation Portable is arriving in Britain on September 14th. Even though this is exciting, all good news is subject to some degree of bad news.

According to retail chain GAME, the PSP’s cable, which is needed to play UMD games on a television, will not be available at launch. “Unfortunately we don’t have one available at the moment however it is something we are looking at for Q4", the company told consumer website, GamesRadar.

Since the cable will not be available right from the release of the new PSP, consumers are limited from taking full advantage of the new features the handheld has to offer. Likewise, when the PlayStation 3 did not ship with the HDMI cable, consumers didn’t stop to look for HDMI cables elsewhere. Unfortunately, this time around, consumers will not be able to find this useful cable anywhere else.

The cable will be released in two versions. First there will be composite PSP-to-television cable that will let you watch media content from the PSP, but not play games. In addition, there will also be a component cable, which will output all the PSP content on your television. Just like first party cables, third party cables will be available, though they have yet to be made available for pre-order.

The new PSP won’t be available in other colors as seen at E3, but will only be available in black—even though neither the Ice Silver nor the Ceramic White will be delivered as promised.

Stay tuned for more information here at PSU as it develops.