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New York Government passes Anti-Game Laws

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on 1 June 2007
New York politicians have passed a law related to the ESA's rating system.

The new laws stop retailers from selling ESRB mature-rated games to minors. This time around, any retailers that sells a mature-rated game to a minor will be charged with a felony and lose their abilities to vote or carry a firearm.

Another section of this law forces video game manufactures to instate parental controls into the consoles. Luckily, parental controls have been in consoles since the PlayStation 2.

Mark Methenitis, the pen behind the law, commented on the new law saying, "While the law does give some leeway for the sentencing court, it theoretically allows a judge to put someone away for life for selling a copy of, say, Gears of War to a 16 year old who looks 18. Yes, selling a game could come with a life sentence under the new law."

Source: GamePolitics