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Blu-ray holds more than 90% market share in Japan

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At the International Franchise Association, the Blu-ray Disc Association gave a run through of the format's status worldwide. To support the presentation, were execs from Disney, Warner Bros and Fox.

Announcements included Acer becoming a member of the BDA and China's HuaLu Group joining the group as a major manufacturer.

In the presentation, the BDA also mentioned that the format holds a whopping 90% market share in Japan for both movies and hardware. Blu-ray has 63% standalone unit market share and over 66% of hi-def disc sales in the US, and around 70% of hi-def sales in Europe with a 3:1 ratio over HD-DVD.

It's interesting to see the remarkable progress Blu-ray has made in short time period. Check back on PSU for more information on the Blu-ray format.

Source: Gizmodo