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Sony details NGP launch line-up, unveils WipEout 2048 and more

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on 2 June 2011

Some exciting announcements and details have come to fruition regarding Sony’s new handheld, the Next-Generation Portable (NGP).

As part of an extensive pre-E3 showcase, the PS Blog has interviewed various developers on numerous high profile titles in development for Sony’s new platform. Here is a list of games that have been detailed and will be available for NGP on launch day.

Uncharted: Golden AbyssThe series’ first departure onto a handheld, developed by Bend Studio, the team that brought us Resistance Retribution. Golden Abyss harnesses the main gameplay features and mechanics from the home console version, whilst introducing optional touch and tilt controls.

WipEout 2048
Sporting an all-new visual aesthetic, the next game in the WipEout series is set in 2048, or “the birth of anti-grav racing”. Players will be able to play competitive online multiplayer against PlayStation 3 users in WipeOut HD Fury.

Little DeviantsShowcased as the first title to put to use all of the new control options in the NGP/Vita, Little Deviants uses the touch screen, rear touch pad, the motion sensor, cameras on the front and back of the system, microphone as well as augmented reality.

Reality FightersA previously unannounced title, Reality Fighters will allow gamers to scan their faces, and real-life setting, to compete against other players in a fighting game, with online multiplayer.

Super Stardust DeltaA visually stunning iteration of Super Stardust HD comes to the NGP/Vita as Super Stardust Delta. Players can expect the traditional dual-analog stick control, as well as new touch and motion controls.

Resistance RetributionSony’s new handled will also connect to the PlayStation Store, and Resistance Retribution, a third-person shooter developed by Bend Studio (mentioned above), will make its way to the system as a port suited to the new controls.

Hustle KingsSimilar to Stardust Delta, another PSN game making its way to the new platform is Hustle Kings, with new touch screen and tilt controls to add precision controls.

Sound Shapes (Working Title)A side scrolling platformer, where users can compose, play and share music via the PlayStation Network.

Everybody’s GolfA golf game with touch, and tilt controls, playable online.

That’s all the info we have on the games so far, but expect more details to emerge in the coming days as E3 kicks off.

The NGP does not have a specific release date, but Sony promises to ship it this year.